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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Inspiration #1

"Our children can see their world in their dreams.
Their children see our world in their nightmares."

"There are quite a lot of them actually - running around in human bodies, doing crazy things like writing on walls, working in co-ops, running inns in the mountains, talking to themselves in the streets, making pottery, practicing witchcraft.  They are in asylums pumped full of Thorazine, in a classroom on Ritalin or lithium.  They live with Indians.  They run recycle centers.  They are starting revolutions, corrupting the young, investigating paranoid conspiracy theories, making up religions.  They're directing movies, gobbling acid, drinking heavily and writing poetry.

The transition from their world to ours is not an easy one.  It's not easy on the soul and much is lost.  They may have no idea who or what they are at first.  They may or may not find out.  They WILL know that they are not like other people.  They will know that this world is not theirs.  They will faintly remember something better, where things made sense and worked like they ought to, where love and magic had the power to heal.

They will know what makes other people happy does not make them happy, and that's what makes them happy, happier than anyone else alive.

They will see things others cannot see, hear things others cannot hear, feel things others cannot feel and know things others do not know.

They will laugh a great deal or cry a great deal or both.

They will love humans individually, but have a hard time with humanity as a whole and that will occasionally approach loathing.

They will have a handful of very close friends and often be very lonely.

They will be unhappiest when forced to act like a human and do things that humans do, want what humans want or when they are convinced that they actually are one.

Things will not be easy for them.  Because of their memories of the other side, the world will seem to them a wondrous callipe with just a few teeth missing on one of the cogs.  Because of this tiny deficiency, the music is off key, the horses are crashing into each other and the children are frightened, bruised and crying.

The solution will seem obvious, but no one will listen.

They will be zealous, fanatical and didactic in their beliefs.  They will feel utterly confused.

They will have ecstatic visions and babble incoherently.  They will be extremely articulate.

They are prone to long periods of silence.  They have no idea how to say what they really mean.  They spend a lot of time with children and animals.

They will become drunkards and dope fiends, organic gardeners, soap makers, carpenters, madmen, magicians, jugglers and clowns, lunatic physicists, painters and scribblers, travelers and wanderers ...

They will dress in bright colors, frumpy sweaters or all black.

They will smoke too much and drink too much.  They will develop addictions to Mountain Dew.

They will often be accused of living in their own fantasy world.

They will make great lovers.  They will spend too much time either making love or thinking about it.

They will speak to inanimate objects.  They will have much brighter eyes than everyone else.

They will expect their magic to work in this world and their love to heal, and will be crushed by this world, and often won't expect it.

It will come close to killing them.

They will visit the places where the connections still exist.  They will draw on all the powers they have and sometimes, sometimes, the magic will work.  And everything will be wondrously easy.  The teeth will grow back on the cog of the calliope, the tune will right itself, the horses will bob gradually up and down, and around they will go.

They will spend their days trying to reconnect a branch that millions are busy sawing away at.  Often it will be more than they can bear.

While the rest of humanity is busy working on new and more efficient ways to lay waste to the Earth with the push of a button, they are saving it.  A handful at a time.

They will share a common conviction that they are the only sane individuals in a world gone mad.

They are right."


  1. "They will see things others cannot see, hear things others cannot hear, feel things others cannot feel and know things others do not know." made my eyes tear up... it's a blessing but a curse because no one (in corporate America) gets me!

  2. I love that others relate to this as well. It is an excerpt from an article I stumbled upon many years ago (and haven't been able to find since) and part of what has led to the book that I am writing.

  3. Found it for you!
    it's a great piece also!