The ramblings of a girl who is misunderstood ... very eccentric ... completely odd ... painstakingly creative ... a little loud ... unbelievably funny ... extremely intelligent ... totally nerdy ... and really interesting ... as she loves her life and lives it ... walking down many rocky roads ... surrounded by people who will never truly understand her ...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I am awake in the place where women die

my mind
my heart
my soul
are broken
are crippled
are numb
and I am dying
because I'm allowing myself to die
I am stuck
with nowhere to go
nowhere to run
no one to turn to but myself
and no answers
no opinions
no ideas of how to raise myself up
get rid of the fear that holds me down
the negative words that harm me
I am alone even when surrounded by others
I feel unloved even when I have so much love around me, showered upon me
I am negative and hateful even when I try to be otherwise
and I am scared
scared to fail
afraid that I will never get to my dream
and that fear holds me back
I need to stop crying
stop hating myself
stop letting her win
I need to get up and get moving
be the real me
instead of being what everybody tells me to be, wants me to be, expects me to be
accomplish my goals
live the life I want to live
I am NOT going to die here
like so many before me


  1. I really like this Poem. So dark and desparate at the top and so full of hope and courage at the bottom. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Very emotional!! I've said many of those same words. But you are right... We never should give up. Keep fightingfriend. Knowing at the of tunnel you will RISE above!!